About Steven Hatton

Steven Hatton is an award winning filmmaker and photographer based in the East Midlands. Together with his colleague Neil Baker, he co-founded Electric Egg, a company specialising in film, animation and photography commissions.

Based on his long standing love for the still and moving image, this website is dedicated solely to Steven’s personal photography projects. Some relate to his documentary film work, others are taken on his frequent travels throughout the UK and abroad or from observations within his closest reality - resulting in a growing number of image series - virtual exhibitions. Technical perfection is of the same importance as an intuitive and immediate connection to the subject matter at hand, be it church iconography, portraits of strangers or particular, often uncanny, spaces.

Aside from photography, Steven is currently in the process of completing his first feature length documentary about the personal experiences and memories of World War 2 veterans. Into the Wind will be completed in the course of 2010.

Steven has also recently completed a short documentary about a Kindertransport refugee. Heilig will also be released in 2011. A new trailer can be found online.

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